IR Rangefinder


Our IR rangefinders are some of the best offered on the market. They have a maximum range of 5 ft (150cm) and a refresh rate of about 60Hz. These top of the line sensors give us accurate data about our surroundings and allow us to navigate without colliding with any obstacles. These sensors are responsible for fine movements in close quarters.

Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Maxbotix MB1010

To complement our IR rangefinders, we also implement ultrasonic rangefinders. These sensors have a much longer range of up to 20 ft (610 cm). These sensors allow us to do long distance sensing when the robot is located in spacious hallways or rooms.

Dual IR Flame Sensors

BPV23F & QSD2030FOur dual IR flame sensors allow us to detect flame sources. These sensors have been manufactured to detect different wavelengths of IR radiation. As a result, we can do spectrum analysis to discriminate between electronic IR sources and flame IR sources.


30:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx68L mm | 64 CPR Encoder

We have 4.3″ wheels mounted on 12V 30:1 brushed DC gear motors. This gives us ample amounts of torque and a top speed of 4.5 MPH (2 m/s).


We are using four 18650 lithium ion batteries in series which will yield a nominal battery voltage of 14.8V and a capacity of 2500mAH. At full load F.E.A.R. draws around 1.6A which correlates to a run time of roughly 40 minutes.